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Need a pathway to successfully securing your critical systems and data? At True Zero we advocate an approach centering on cyber resilience at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels. We firmly hold that sound security architectures and standards must be driven from a context of business and operational requirements to ensure alignment at all levels of your organization. In practical terms, to implement adaptive security architecture, such as Zero Trust, means we consider both your data profile and threat surface to secure your business or mission environment. We are committed to working with you to define a roadmap for resilience and promotion of cyber capabilities aligned to architectural frameworks and compliance standards to meet both business and technical requirements.



Struggling to justify which new technology fits your needs? True Zero’s experience in modernizing cybersecurity programs, both procedurally and through the use / integration of emergent technology makes us an industry leader in this arena. Our goal is to thoroughly assess the applicability of emergent capabilities in the context of your architecture, along with the critical identification of opportunities for consolidation and rationalization of tools and infrastructure. We proactively vet new technologies on your behalf, contextualize their strengths to your mission, and right size their implementation for you to stay ahead of the adversary.


True Zero is an experienced leader in building and delivering Cyber and Security Operations capabilities across both the federal and commercial markets. We quickly enable contextualized real-time monitoring, detection, analysis, response, and reporting capabilities on a 24x7x365 basis to proactively enhance your mission. These efforts result in direct enhancements, such as customized Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) detections accompanied by automated Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) playbooks to effectively monitor your most critical assets. Our goal is to codify and execute this Cyber Operations approach to protect your organizational assets and networks via enriched, high-fidelity alerting to support event investigations, expedited root cause analysis, and enhanced tactical incident response (IR).

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Cybersecurity is shifting to a contextualized cyber threat methodology. To accomplish this, True Zero integrates a security team of CTI, cyber hunt, penetration testing, cyber defense analysts, and incident responders. Our approach drives real-time, actionable intelligence improvements for dissemination and integration into all Cyber Operations functions. We prioritize contextualized development of innovative detections and alerting that provides immediate awareness of a malicious actor through monitoring of behavioral traits of attackers (e.g., TTPs) and not just their infrastructure (e.g., IPs/ IOCs) that constantly changes over time. We believe the best way to stay ahead of the attacker is to evolve and enhance cyber threat intelligence posture in near-real time based upon your mission.


Looking for the ability to confirm your Cyber Defense efficacy? Our tailored penetration testing and adversarial emulation approaches allow us to objectively evaluate your attack surface, highlighting practical security improvements, tracking their implementation, and proactively thwarting bad actors targeting your mission. Our tip-of-the-spear approach to enabling adaptive security includes targeted feedback loops for threat content development and overall strategic/tactical approaches to prove out your organization’s security posture.


Struggling to enable a right sized governance, risk, and compliance (eGRC) approach for your organization? You can rely on our Information Assurance and Continuous Monitoring experts to work directly alongside you to ensure that your processes align with today’s cybersecurity best practices and requirements including NIST, FISMA, CSF, CMMC and HIPAA.

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