Cloud Security Services

True Zero’s Cloud Services Team has been purpose-built with seasoned industry experts, possessing the necessary Cloud and security certifications to deliver security in the cloud and secure migrations to the cloud.


Big Tech Partnerships

We've partnered with the leading cloud service providers to offer organizations robust cybersecurity and migration solutions. These partnerships are designed for organizations looking to leverage cloud technology and enhance their cloud security posture.

True Zero Technologies Is An AWS Certified Partner. True Zero Technologies Is An Azure Certified Partner. True Zero Technologies Is A Google Cloud Certified Partner.

The Frontier of Cloud Security.

Assessments, Migrations, Management and Engineering Services

Shield With Cloud In The Middle Assessing Malicious Security Vulnerabilities And Filtering Them.

Cloud Security Assessments

We will evaluate your existing cloud environment to identify risks originating from misconfigurations, improper policy enforcement, cloud services enablement, and many other threat vectors that can and will weaken the security of your cloud environment. If threats are identified, we will recommend mitigation services to fortify the security posture of your cloud deployment.

Cloud With Arrow Pointing Up Implying An Upload To The Cloud And A Database Server.

Cloud Migrations

True Zero's highly skilled cloud architects and engineers will work with you to develop a migration strategy to get your infrastructure, applications, and services properly deployed in the cloud while implementing security best practices for both hybrid and exclusive cloud deployments.

Gears Inside Of Cloud Sitting Next To A Person Who Is Managing The Cloud.

Cloud Management

True Zero can provide customers full cloud management services to manage your cloud environment, providing all the necessary skillsets and services needed to sustain cloud environments, both large and small, federal or commercial.

Nodes Passing Through A Cloud.

Cloud Engineering Services

True Zero will scope and tailor services based on an outcome model, allowing customers the flexibility to get the services and support they need, when they need it.  Our team of highly trained and certified cloud engineers and architects can work with you to achieve the objectives and milestones needed to be successful.

Orange Circle With A Cloud

Confidently Activate Your Cloud

Scale your development and security operations today.


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