Take Control of Your Observability Data

Wherever your data comes from, wherever it needs to go, Cribl gives you the freedom and flexibility to make choices and  True Zero services can lead  you through the journey.

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With Cribl, You Can...

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Take Control of
Your Data

Cribl puts you in full control of your observability data, providing data management that allows you to optimize the treatment of each of your data sources and destinations--saving you time and money.

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Complete Control & Choice Over Your Data

Cribl's products are built around protocols and standards, and the transformed to vendor-specific formats if needed. You can connect any source, and send that data to any system of analysis - or to multiple destinations.

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Your Costs

Use Cribl’s data filtering to strain valuable data from the stream and enrich it – all in real-time. Eliminate duplicate fields, null values, and any elements that provide little analytical value.

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Cribl Stream

Get the right data stream to the right destinations, in the right formats, at the right time.
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Livin’ the Stream

  • Data enrichment and transformation capabilities.
  • Real-time data routing and filtering.
  • Enhanced observability and monitoring.
  • Simplified log and event management.
  • Scalability and performance optimization.
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Shape Your Data

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Flexibility to eliminate tool lock-in.

Choose the best vendor tool(s) without requiring new agents or collectors.

Simplify obvservability data engineering.

Easiest way to get data in, visualize data flows, and replicate functionality.
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Complete control & choice over your data.

Route data where it has the most value. Control access to sensitive data.

Observe more.

Route data where it has the most value. Control access to sensitive data.

Stretch Your Investments.

Route data where it has the most value. Control access to sensitive data.

Unlock the Value
of your Security and
Observability Data

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Partners with Cribl

True Zero Technologies, your premier Cribl Certified Partner, specializes in enabling seamless deployment and efficient management of your data workflows.

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True Zero

As a Certified Cribl Services Partner, True Zero is approved and certified to deliver the following to customers.
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Deployment Services

Managed Services

Staff Augmentation

Cribl Activation Services

Potential Savings with Cribl Stream

Daily Ingestion Volume

100 GB

5000 GB


1 day

24 months

Data Reduction




Reduction in cost


Yearly savings

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Credentials for Federal Agencies

True Zero is a veteran-owned small business that has the credentials and expertise to help federal agencies secure their mission with Cribl’s open observability solutions. Whether you need to collect, reduce, enrich, normalize, or route data from any source to any destination, True Zero Technologies can deliver Cribl solutions that meet your security and compliance standards.

Big Data Experts

True Zero's big data experts can help you unlock the value of your observability, security, and telemetry data. With our deep experience and expertise in data engineering, analytics, and cybersecurity, we can design, implement, and operate cutting-edge solutions that leverage the best technologies and practices in the industry.

Zero Trust

True Zero provides cybersecurity services and solutions in line with the Zero Trust architecture model. As a Cribl partner, we leverage Cribl’s innovative technology to route, reduce, collect, and transform data from various sources and destinations, making our customers’ data investments more valuable and flexible while leaving zero room for vulnerabilities. We never settle for less than zero.

True Zero


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