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The Power
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Implementing Tanium for the first time? Migrating from tools like BigFix or to the Tanium Cloud? Seeking to integrate Tanium with other tools in your enterprise?

True Zero can provide you a path to success based on a proven track record in the public sector and commercial enterprises.

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Your Target is Our Mission at True Zero. And True Zero's experience deploying many different Tanium solutions has resulted in our Success Methodology for Deployment and Integration Services. You get the benefit of quick time to value with a keen focus on the expected outcomes of your use cases. And, your Tanium solution provides greater extensibility of other tools in your portfolio to drive even greater value and improved automation and streamlined workflows.

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Asset Discovery

True Zero's experience with Tanium's Asset Discovery and Inventory has developed a tailored service offering to help you identify assets you never knew you had, get those assets under management, reduce security-related risks, and optimize your budget spending. As a result, your organization will be in better position to meet the challenges you're not even aware of yet, thanks to better identification, visibility, accuracy and relevancy, achieved through heightened asset awareness.

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Risk & Compliance

In concert with our True Zero Success Methodology, True Zero has partnered with Tanium to feature an enterprise risk assessment. We offer risk and compliance services that provide an in-depth analysis of the digital estate and an objective security risk score measuring your operational resiliency and security risk, identifying areas of security vulnerability, and prioritizing a list of critical actions to quickly reduce that exposure.

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Threat Hunting & Response

True Zero's Actionable Intelligence Operations (AIO) enhances the signaling and detection capabilities of Tanium Threat Response to help you further reduce the risk of threat actors and vulnerabilities compromising the management and security of your technology enterprise.

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AIO Services
& Purple Team

Actionable Intelligence Operations (All In One) security services, provides our extensive consultation knowledge in combination with our new proprietary software "Purple Team" which is an internal automated tool to proactively monitor your security posture and stay ahead of evolving threats.

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Get peace of mind from knowing that the experienced experts monitoring and managing your endpoint assets will address problems quickly and effectively.

By leveraging the Tanium platform, your True Zero team can comprehensively manage patching and software distribution across hundreds of thousands of endpoints, all with centralized monitoring and reporting. If there is an issue, it will be detected and resolved before you even notice

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